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Betty Boop Forever

Betty Boop Forever

Claire Duguet

France | 2020 | 51 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
She was the first female human character in the history of animation, and the first to be the star of a cartoon; when she made her début, in 1930, Betty Boop blew up screens. In 2020, when she turned 90, this icon, with her legendary boop oop a doop,” had not one wrinkle to show for her age, and she remains an enigma. From the 1930s society from which she arose to the present, when The New Yorker features her to denounce sexual harassment, what image of women and femininity has Betty Boop promoted? Against an archival background that immerses us in the jazz world of the 1930s and relates her history, this entertaining and feminist documentary revisits the myth of Betty Boop with Jeni Mahoney, the great-granddaughter of Betty Boop’s creator, Max Fleischer, as well as Lili Zanuck, Chantal Thomass, Melissa Laveaux, and Viktoria Modesta.
Also presented:
39th International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2021)
Director Claire Duguet
Editing Anne Cutaïa
Graphic Creation Amélie Vappereau
Music Olivier Depardon

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Claire Duguet

Claire Duguet

A graduate from the Louis Lumière cinema school, Claire Duguet started her career as the assistant to Agnès Varda, before travelling the world with Titouan Lamazou to shoot and direct some women portraits (20032007). She has directed many documentaries for TV, amongst them: Un américain nommé Kazan (2018), La turbulence de Rodin (2017), Titouan (2007), L’heure des opéras (20082010), Les empreintes de Michel Rocard (2009), Carole Bouquet (2011), Africaines des grands lacs (2012), Duel: Truffaut, Godard (2015).

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Un américain nommé Kazan (2018); La turbulence de Rodin (2017); Duel: Truffaut, Godard (2015); Carole Bouquet (2011); Les empreintes de Michel Rocard (2009).

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