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Year-round platform

L'appât — Chenglong Tang
L’appât — Chenglong Tang


Films on art accessible throughout Canada, anytime, all year round!

You can stop searching: the best films on art are right here. The ARTS.FILM webcasting platform brings more than 600 films that are impossible or difficult to find elsewhere right into your living room. It’s a permanent festival on your tablet, smartphone, or television, via our platform or APPLE TV ©. You have a truly eclectic selection to choose from: documentaries on art, fiction films, biographies, show recordings, art performances, and art videos are accessible throughout the country, anytime, all year round!

Unique in Canada

No platform as complete as ARTS.FILM exists at the moment. Based on over 40 years of experience bringing films on art and media arts to the public, FIFA is the perfect organization to bring this webcasting space to life.

Local content

Bringing artists into the public eye. ARTS.FILM will highlight content from Canada: in both regular and event programming, it will offer a technological showcase to creators, increased security for their content, and better discoverability.

Featuring the unexpected

The repertoire of ARTS.FILM, like that of FIFA, is composed of films that are rarely seen in theatres and have not been broadcast on television. This webcasting space will offer a rare opportunity to view Québec, Canadian, and international films that are otherwise destined for limited release and a short lifespan.

A broader vision

We have no silos. Film lovers will have a choice among a truly eclectic selection covering the broad spectrum of art, culture, and creativity. Documentaries on art, fiction films, biography films, recordings of shows, art performances, and art videos will be accessible across Canada at all times. From classical arts to interdisciplinary forms and media arts, ARTS.FILM brings all kinds of talents together.

Special programs

ARTS.FILM loves teamwork. With well-known national and international partners, ARTS.FILM will offer varied programs, time-limited or long-term. Special guests, Cartes blanches, collections never seen on the Web, and even festivals will be conceived and shared.


Let’s vary the perspectives. ARTS.FILM embraces a multifaceted view and takes on the mission of reflecting cultural and gender diversity and diversity of points of view and practices, among others. The collections and programs will bring into dialogue artists from a variety of communities, belonging to visible, cultural, sexual, and gender minorities, as well as representatives of First Nations and Inuit communities.

Equitable copyright payment model

Participating actively in our community. ARTS.FILM is a non-profit initiative that redistributes equitably to artists and rights holders. A significant portion of receipts are returned directly to the community.

ARTS.FILM Education

ARTS.FILM aims to become a major partner for universities across the province and the country. By building strong ties with the academic community, we aim to solidify a heartfelt and intellectual connection with teachers and students by offering them privileged access to the only art film platform in the country.

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