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From November 18 to December 5

Trait d’Union – Virtual benefit auction

Close to the 40th edition, the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) is launching the TRAIT D’UNION virtual benefit auction under the honorary presidency of business leader Marc DeSerres, CEO of DeSerres and member of the FIFA Board of Directors and in partnership with the respected Canadian auction house BYDealers.

No buyer’s premium, no sales tax.

Enjoy the auction!

For a second year, FIFA’s auction, TRAIT D’UNION, will be held virtually, from November 18 to December 5, 2021. Benefiting our 40th edition, in March 2022, the auction bridges the gap between artists, both emerging and renowned, and those who love art and the Festival so much. Thanks to the auction, maybe a Jean-Paul Jérôme painting will occupy pride of place in your workspace, or perhaps you’ll wake up every morning to art by Doug Dumais, or maybe you’ll have the pleasure of showing your children or grandchildren Véronique Duplains perspective on the world.

Whether it’s for the holiday season, for personal inspiration, to support a talented emerging artist, or simply to give wings to the Festival, there are many good reasons to make a bid! A festival is, above all, about human beings. We would like to highlight the exceptional work of the FIFA team, which has shone, once again, with passion, curiosity, and intelligence. Thank you also to the Festival’s inspired, tenacious, and good-natured board of directors. Finally, a fundraising auction like ours exists thanks to a formidable network of partners, supporters, and friends on whom FIFA can count, day in and day out.

We are grateful to this community, which is as committed as the artists who have donated their works, to our public partners, and to our partners, BYDealers and DeSerres, proud allies of this auction. Finally, we would like to thank the members of the Honorary Committee for this virtual auction: without them, nothing would have been possible.

This unifying energy makes us both proud and humble. It enhances our role, which remains as crucial as ever: to promote the arts and underline their value every single day.

Enjoy the auction!

Dr. Nicolas Chevrier
President of the FIFA Board of Directors, Psychologist, and President, Sequoia Psychological Services

Marc DeSerres
Honorary President of the FIFA benefit auction, CEO of DeSerres, and member of the FIFA Board of Directors

Philippe U. del Drago
FIFA Executive and Artistic Director


Vanessa Pilon – Spokesperson for Trait d’union

Vanessa Pilon 9

For almost ten years, through various engagements, I’ve had a chance to enthusiastically share my love of art with the general public. So, it was with great joy and pride that I agreed to partner with the International Festival of Films on Art. We share the desire to make art more accessible and to spread knowledge about and appreciation of it. I think of film as a perfect medium for a better understanding of art: films offer intimate access to the creative process behind the work and open new and fascinating perspectives on many art fields.

For me, the intimate relationship with art that film offers has proved even more relevant over the last year and a half. As an art collector, I’m very excited about the TRAIT D’UNION virtual fundraising auction, which offers the perfect opportunity to get one’s hands on works by established artists and discover new talents, while supporting Le FIFA’s mission. We never regret our investment when we get to share our space with a work of art!”

- Vanessa Pilon

"TRAIT D’UNION is the perfect opportunity to get one’s hands on works by established artists and discover new talents"

– Vanessa Pilon