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FIFA Connexions

FIFA Connexions

For professionals of films on art

For over 40 years, Le FIFA has been dedicated to the promotion and international influence of film on art and media arts.

As a specific part of the Festival, FIFA Connexions invites national and international presenters and cultural producers, artists and platforms, and festival directors to discuss their distribution and production issues through panels, interviews and talks.

Are you a presenter, cultural producer, artist or platform?

FIFA Connexions is an opportunity to create contacts and synergies by bringing together players in the field. Through these professional activities, FIFA wishes to cultivate exchanges and partnerships between professionals from here and abroad.

FIFA Connexions is:

Le FIFA aims to be a recurring meeting place for the art world and the cultural and digital industry, encouraging meetings and pollination between creators, artist-run centres, organisations, companies and professionals. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your address book.


The Festival is also an opportunity to open up discussion and new spaces for dialogue on major contemporary issues surrounding art.


In order to connect Le FIFA with its peers, to share common interests, resources and knowledge of the field, Le FIFA organised the first Art Film Festival Symposium and invited representatives of international art film festivals. The second edition of this symposium took place in March 2023 in Montreal.

As part of the 42nd edition of the International Festival of Films on Art, FIFA Connexions will be held on March 18, 19 and 20, 2024. For all information on Le FIFA’s professional activities, please write to connexions@​lefifa.​com

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