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FIFA Connexions

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FIFA Connexions

For arts and culture professionals

FIFA Connexions returns on March 18, 19 and 20, 2024, at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles.

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Platforms: Caixa Forum +, Nowness, Filmin, Museum TV, Art21, Marquee TV, Rai TV… Festivals: Cinémania, FNC, Rencontres du Film d’Art Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF)… Cultural players such as Lorraine Pintal, Valérie Lessard, Roxanne Sayegh, David Combe (Tracks, Arte)…

FIFA Connexions will bring together broadcasters, cultural producers, artists and streaming platforms, as well as national and international festival directors, to discuss and debate today’s cultural issues:

What is the power of women in the cultural milieu?
What is the place of streaming platforms for art films?
What kind of cultural journalism for tomorrow?
What are festivals for?

These are just some of the burning issues that will be addressed at this not-to-be-missed event for all those involved in the evolution and dynamism of today’s and tomorrow’s cultural landscape.

Thanks to our partners Power Corporation du Canada, Caisse de la culture Desjardins, Fasken and Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec.

Here’s the schedule for all our activities, debates, conferences, talks and workshops, most of which are open to the general public, at the NFB Space at the National Film Board of Canada, 1500 Balmoral Street, Montreal.


Monday March 182024

9:00am — 12:00pm

The Grand Meeting: Connecting with Decision-Makers

> By invitation only
> Appointments made by decision-makers only

This year, and for the first time, FIFA Connexions is organizing a time dedicated to making appointments! During this morning event, platforms, producers, artists, curators and broadcasters have the opportunity to meet and forge new relationships. This event provides a framework for exchanges and the creation of collaborations between Quebec and international industry professionals. In presence of platforms such as: Caixa Forum +, Ikono, Nowness, Filmin, Museum TV, Art21, Marquee TV, Rai TV,V UCAVU, Tënk.ca, Vithèque, ARTS.FILM, Lithuanian Radio and Television, National Film Board of Canada.

12:30 — 1:30pm

Midi Connexions: How to distribute a film on platforms?

> This activity will be held in English.
> Ticketing

How to distribute a film on video-on-demand platforms? That’s the question H264 will be answering this lunchtime through its sales manager Sarah Moustakim. Now a well-established player on the film scene (two Oscar®-nominated films), this distribution company has over the years specialized in aggregation, delivering to players such as Mubi, Kanopy, Amazon Prime and The Criterion Chanel.

After a presentation of the know-how developed by H264, Sarah Moustakim will carry out a case study based on a film distributed online by her company.

2:00 — 5:00pm

Streaming Platforms in the Spotlight

> Copresented with the Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec
> This activity will be held mainly in English.
> Ticketing

This afternoon, FIFA Connexions invites you to listen to decision-makers from Canadian and international platforms discuss aspects of their strategy. Content discoverability, audience development and the sustainability of independent platform models are just some of the issues that will be raised. Come and discover the visions of those who are working to make the films that matter accessible !

5:00 — 7:00pm

Industry networking evening

This Industry networking evening is a unique opportunity for platforms, producers, artists, professional associations and all industry players to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations over a drink. Come and join us !

Tuesday March 192024

12:30 — 2:00pm

The Future of Cultural Journalism: What’s Next?

> This activity will be held mainly in French.
> Ticketing

Recent years have seen major changes in cultural journalism, linked to the emergence of digital technology and social platforms. David Combe, former editor-in-chief of the Arte programme Tracks, will be talking about the prospects for the profession. Come and hear what this passionate and fascinating journalist has to say, before enjoying a coffee and a chat. Moderated by Ralph Elawani, literary director (éditions Somme toute), journalist and writer

3:00 — 5:00pm

Roundtable Discussion: The Purpose and Impact of Festivals

> Round table moderated in English and in French.
> Ticketing

Through economic, political and pandemic crises, cinema has had to overcome many challenges to prove wrong those who, time and time again, predicted its imminent demise. At a time when the industry is going through a period of change, the festivals that embody it find themselves at a crossroads. What role do these major seventh-art events play? How are they tackling issues such as content discoverability and audience development ? To find out, distributors, festivals, exhibitors and public funding bodies will be joining forces this afternoon! With the participation of: Roxanne Sayegh (General director of Cinémas Beaubien, du Parc and du Musée), Philippe U Del Drago (Le FIFA), Marc Gauthier (RIDM), Nicolas Girard Deltruc (FNC), Guilhem Caillard (Cinémania), Mercedes Sader (ARCA International Festival of Films on Arts), Damien Detcheberry (Métropole Films Distribution).
Moderated by Ian Gailer

5:00 — 9:00pm

Le FIFA 42 Grand 5 à 7

> This activity will take place at MEM — Centre des mémoires montréalaises

This cocktail evening invites festival representatives from different countries, local and international artists, presenters and cultural producers to come together to celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions in cultural diplomacy. Participants will have the opportunity to network, discover the cultures and traditions of different countries and strengthen international ties. The evening will be an unforgettable opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity and the positive contributions of cultural diplomacy, with a number of Representatives in attendance.

Wednesday March 20

The Inspiring Women conferences are presented by Power Corporation of Canada, Caisse de la culture Desjardins and Fasken.

10:00am — 3:15pm

Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Culture: Fostering a Space for Sharing

> By registration only, places are limited To register
> Facilitated in French
> Activity intended for people who identify as women or non-binary

FIFA Connexions is organising a day dedicated to female leadership for the second time. During the day, a number of workshops will be held on the theme of Women in power and women’s power”. Guided by the desire to deconstruct in order to act, specialists in these issues and inspiring women will take turns leading the workshops. Topics such as women and money and women and entrepreneurship will be addressed through discussions, sharing experiences and creating mind maps. Come and take part in this unique and essential event !

3:30 — 5:00pm

Women in Power: A Multifaceted Dialogue

> Activity open to everyone
> Ticketing

This afternoon, come and listen to inspiring women speak about leadership. The motto of the day? Reflect and deconstruct in order to act! FIFA Connexions invites you to take part in this unique and essential event, in the company of renowned guests. In the presence of : Lorraine Pintal, Valérie Lessard, Vicky B. Ouellette and Valérie Grig. Moderated by Géraldine Dallaire

5:00 — 7:00pm

Cultural Entrepreneurship with a Feminine Twist: An Exclusive Networking Mixer

Le FIFA invites the business and cultural communities to come together for a networking 5 à 7. It’s a unique opportunity to bring together professionals from both industries to exchange ideas, explore potential collaborations and strengthen relationships between the two communities.