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CRU – SoulStep

CRU – SoulStep

Philip Szporer, Marlene Millar

Canada | 2015 | 4 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Program presented as part of the program Diagonals — Program 1

Hosted by the exuberant, inquisitive popper” and emerging actor ATN” (Étienne Lou), the CRU series conveys the energy of the expanding street dance culture in Montreal and the artists at the heart of the movement. Mathieu SoulStep” Ulrich is a veteran Montreal breakdancer, entrenched in Montreal’s hip hop culture, who has built a reputation as a defender of the pure, original-style B‑boying.
Director Marlene Millar, Philip Szporer
Script Marlene Millar, Philip Szporer, Alexandra Lande, Étienne Lou, Ja James Britton Johnson
Production Alexandra "Spicey" Lande, Marlene Millar, Philip Szporer
Participation Étienne Lou, Mathieu Ulrich
Editing Ja James Britton Johnson, Jules De Niverville
Artists Étienne Lou, Matthieu Ulrich
Cinematography Michael Wees, Ja James Britton Johnson
Music Devon Bate


Philip Szporer

Philip Szporer

Marlene Millar