L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Film based on the unedited composition of Montreal composer José Evangelista.
Director Christopher Hinton
Animation Christopher Hinton
Music Eve Egoyan


Christopher Hinton

Christopher Hinton

Christopher Hinton is a Canadian award winning animator who has directed and animated films at the National Film Board, the CBC and several commercial animation studios. Born in Galt (now Cambridge) Ontario, in 1952, he has animated, written, directed over a dozen NFB films, including, C‑Note (NFB 2005), the Oscar®-nominated Blackfly (1991), Flux (NFB 2003), Blowhard (1978), Lady Frances Simpson (1978), Giordano (1985), Watching TV (1994), The Gift (1981), Fiprecan (1983), and A Piece of the Action (1983). As an independent filmmaker, Christopher has animated and directed and produced several films, the Oscar®-nominated Nibbles (2003), A Nice Day in the Country (1988), Chroma Concerto (2007) and Compression (2008).

A now retired professor of animation, (Concordia University, Montreal) he works as an artist, independent producer, photographer and film maker in Victoria, British Columbia. Recent works explore the boundaries of narrative and abstraction and the integration of contemporary media into the moving image.

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One For Stew (2020) ; Egoyan-Evangelista Collaboration (2020) ; CNote (2005) ; Nibbles (2003) ; X‑Man (2002) ; Twang (2002) ; Flux (2002) ; Watching T.V. (1994) ; Blackfly (1991) ; Nice Day in the Country (1988) ; Giordano (1985) ; A Piece of the Action (1983) ; The Gift (1981) Lady Frances Simpson (1978) ; Blowhard (1978).

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