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Paolo Ventura, Vanishing Man

Paolo Ventura, Vanishing Man

Erik Van Empel

Netherlands | 2015 | 47 min
English, Italian |
Subtitles: English
Special Mention, FIFA 2016

Italian photographer Paolo Ventura (born in 1968) creates stories using the simplest of materials. He gave up a career as a fashion photographer because he felt compelled to photograph images that had haunted him since childhood, based on stories of the war his grandmother had told him. In a barn on a secluded mountaintop, he creates a timeless, melancholy world that is strangely disturbing, echoing the loneliness in which he grew up. The film presents a complex portrait of this fascinating artist and explores the themes in his work. 
Director Erik Van Empel
Production Masha Arkink, Astrid Prickaerts, Joost Seelen
Participation Paolo Ventura
Editing Erik Van Empel, Boris Gerrets
Artists Paolo Ventura
Sound Mark Wessner
Cinematography Erik Van Empel
Music Wouter Van Bemmel


Erik Van Empel