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Discover original screening spaces!

For it 40th edition, the Festival creates original screening spaces open to all, to present continuous, free pop-up presentations highlighting films on art. 

Place des arts

  • Exhibition space in the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme, 175 Sainte-Catherine West
  • Free
  • March 16 to 27
  • Continuously from 12:00am — 8:00pm

On the agenda

Absorptions, a program curated by Aseman Sabet.
A co-production of the International Festival of Films on Art, as part of the FIFA POP-UPS! initiative, and MUTEK, as part of the Digital Detox program. The organizations thank SODEC, the Conseil des arts de Montréal and Place des Arts for their support of this project.

La Traversée — François Quévillon. Canada. 2018. 3 min. No dialogue.
Alert. A letter from Rachel Carson — Frédéric Lavoie. Canada. 2020. 4 min. No dialogue.
Fragile Monument — Virginie Laganière, Jean-Maxime Dufresne. Canada. 2022. 10 min. No dialogue.
Stitching My Landscape — Maureen Gruben. Canada. 2017. 6 min. No dialogue.
Couple — Rachel Echenberg. Canada. 2022. 3 min. No dialogue.
The Reflecting Pool — Bill Viola. United States. 1977 – 1979. 6 min. No dialogue.
RETE MIRABILE (counter-current) — Monica Ursina Jäger. Switzerland. 2020. 6 min. No dialogue.
Présage — Hicham Berrada. France. 2019. 9 min. No dialogue.

Holt Renfrew Ogilvy

On the agenda

A series of short films presented by NOWNESS and our selection of music videos curated by our programmer Leticia Trandafir

Marley Hansen’s Carte Blanche, programmer for Nowness in London.

The Dream That Refused Me — Jabu Nadia Newman. South Africa. 6 min. English.
How to Raise a Black Boy — Justice Jamal Jones. United States. 2021. 13 min. English.
Allumuah — Curtis Essel. Angleterre. 2021. 4 min. English. English subtitles.
Across the Sun — Sékou Neblett. Ghana. 2020. 3 min. English.
Negotiating Liberation. Don’t Be a Dream, Please Be Real — Amirah Tajdin. United Arab Emirates. 2021. 6 min. No dialogue.
Boys Will Be Flowers — Daddy Ramazani. United States. 2018. 3 min. No dialogue.

Oneiros, Videoclips program by Leticia Trandafir.

Inch — Jessamine (Yù) Fok. Canada. 2022. 3 min. English.
Hold On — Angelo Cerisara. Ukraine. 2021. 4 min. English.
Quand je serai grande — Jeanne Joly. Canada. 2021. 3 min. French. French subtitles.
Forward — Bondzie Mensa Ansah, Irène Donati. Ghana, United Kingdom. 2021. 4 min. English.
Peach Purée (de pêches) — Stephanie Burbano. Canada. 2021. 3 min. English, French.
Notre faute — Charlotte Guirestante Ghomeshi. Canada, 2021. 4 min. French.
Must Come Spring — Emma Cosgrove. Canada. 2020. 3 min. English.
Secret Witness — Félix Gourd, Marianne Métivier. Canada. 2021. 4 min. No dialogue
Cubed — Jeremy Pilote Byrne, Stephen Robusto. Canada. 2021. 4 min. No dialogue.
Trans-Aeon Express — Nicky Smith. China. 2021. 4 min. No dialogue.
Swan Song — Charline Dally. Canada. 2021. 4 min. No dialogue.
Mutualism — Nick Cobby, NYX Electronic Drone Choir. United Kindgom. 2021. 11 min. English.
Grip — Derek Branscombe. Canada. 2021. 3 min. English.

Musée National des beaux-arts à Québec

FIFA POP-UPS ! travels with the MNBAQ

On the agenda

Démesure — Louise Bédard, Xavier Curnillon. Canada. 2021. 11 min. No dialogue.
La galerie — Loup-William Théberge. Canada. 2021. 11 min. No dialogue.