L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
This film is part of Badewa Ajibades Carte Blanche

Assaman is the latest collaboration work from multidisciplinary artist and director Katrina Brook Flores and singer-songwriter and producer Tukkiman. This cosmic love story between Tukki and Asé, a celestial being, explores themes of joy, self-love, and interconnectedness. In 14 minutes, Assaman transports you through a kaleidoscope of movement, introspective moments, and intergenerational experiences in a hypnotic Afrofuturistic and Indigenous sound vision. Let yourself be mesmerized by this cinematic epic.
Overview of some festivals:
Baltimore International Black Film Festival, United Stated (2022)
Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes, France (2022)
Native Spirit Film Festival, United Kingdom (2022)
Pambujan International Film Festival, Philippines (2023)
Quetzalcoatl Indigenous International Film Festival, Mexico (2023)
Director Katrina Brook Flores, Katrina Flores
Coauthor Mamadou Lamine "Tukkiman" Diao
Author Katrina Brook Flores
Director of Photography Jonathan Woods
Scenographic Author Katrina Brook Flores
Production Elastic Arts Foundation, AuspiceNOW
Production Manager Michael P. Manuel
Line Producer Katrina Brook Flores, Mamadou Lamine Diao
Associate Producer Stacie Brudenell Sovereign Hues, Bineta Kane, Christine M Howard, Thomas Q. Flores Jr.
Executive Production Macca Malik, Katrina Brook Flores, Mamadou Lamine Diao, Michael P. Manuel
Production Design Katrina Brook Flores
Editing Jonathan Wood
Sound Recording Mamadou Lamine Diao
Cast Sojourner Zenobia, Kine Toure, Jazmine Stubbs, Susanne Sonko, Tidiane Seck, Nura “Goldie” Pollard, Oupa Mendy, Lauryn Mead, Brittany Harlin, Awa Diop, Lena Ramirez, Oumar Balde, Mamadou Lamine Diao, Christine Bernard
Voice Mamadou Lamine Diao, Katrina Brook Flores
Concept Katrina Brook Flores, Mamadou Lamine Diao
Cinematography Chris Adams, Katrina Brook Flores, Odin Magana, El Hadj Abass Sow
Graphic Creation Mario Martinez
Costumes Katrina Brook Flores, Baay Sooley Bull Doff, Michael Kelly, Adama Thiam
Lighting Katrina Brook Flores, Delilah Anaya
Music Mamadou Lamine Diao, Navarris Harvey
Other Fatou Wade (Hair Design), El Hadj Abass Sow (Senegal Location Associate Director), Awa Sims (Hair Design), Michael P. Manuel (Assistant Director), Nens Ba (Hair Design), Nicey J. (Makeup Design)

In Partnership with

Concordia film festival


• Université Concordia - J.A. de Sève, LB-125, Pavillon J. W. McConnell
Sunday, march 19, 2023, 08:00 p.m. — 10:00 p.m.


Katrina Flores

Katrina Flores

Katrina Brook Flores is an Indigenous Xicanx artist. Their work addresses boundary-spanning, border-crossing, and binary-breaking through experiencing the way settler colonial systems have impacted Indigenous communities and natural ecosystems globally. Their work seeks to offer solutions, healing and hope toward a future rooted in joy and ancestral teachings. A UW-Madison Alumnus, Flores and is co-founder of GIT Productions, a curatorial board member for Dark Matter Residency in Chicago and a new mother of Marcelino Nibi Taw. In 2021, they developed Assaman in collaboration with Tukkiman, their cosmic twin.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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