L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Andrea Bettinetti

Italy | 2018 | 1 h 32 min
English, German, Italian |
Subtitles: English
Cy Twombly (1928 – 2011) was a truly amazing artist: painter, illustrator, sculptor, and photographer. To celebrate what would have been his 90th birthday, this documentary pays homage to the prolific American creator, a contemporary of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. An inspiring soundtrack carries the film, which offers viewers a look at the creative process and poetic soul of a loving and altruistic man. It’s a delicate and tender work in the image of an artist who inspired none other than Michel Basquiat, Anselm Kiefer, Francesco Clemente, and Julian Schnabel.
Director Andrea Bettinetti
Editing Giovanna Ferrara
Sound Massimo Pozzoli
Sound mixing Matteo Milani
Cinematographer Pierluigi Laffi
Music Eraldo Bernocchi

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• Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Wednesday, march 20, 2019, 03:00 p.m. — 05:00 p.m.


Andrea Bettinetti

Andrea Bettinetti

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Centre Canadien d’Architecture

Wednesday, march 20, 2019, 03:00 p.m.