L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Exposé Noir
The Love Is Back after Paula Temple, Volvox, Umfang, and Mary Yuzovskaya brought no shortage of it in 2019. The first Exposé Noir since – – a two-floor, ten-name program together with the FIFA to celebrate the closing of our 40th edition.
Ben UFO makes his return to Montreal after five years —five trips around the sun— and what more to say of the beloved UK selector whose findings often suggest that there are other worlds, but they are within this one? We look forward to hearing what he makes of our black room, amongst the good company of Sandrien and nthng –both from the ever red-hot Dutch scene. Perhaps our favorite lockdown discovery and a name that needs to be heard, Sandrien came as a personal recommendation from one of our most trusted –Volvox. That’s all that should really need to be said. All the while, what better for a desperately needed escape than nthng’s signature sound, profound and personal; a carousel in time that takes you deep into another place? Montreal’s own Priori opens up the room following his latest LP Your Own Power— maybe his most powerful, through which the stars seem not so far away. A remixes EP is underway with interpretations from the likes of Donato Dozzy, Aurora Halal, and more.
Upstairs, the FIFA takes over the visual curation with a projection of archive images restored in collaboration with the Open Memory Box platform. This project traces the history of Berlin throughout the Cold War, from the late 1940s to the early 1990s; the division of the German capital between East and West. On a musical note, we welcome back our dear anabasine to XXX decks, along with Exposé Noir firsts for Evita, Zi!, BitterCaress, Dileta, and Omar Hamdi. This gang of noncomforming Montreal street kids, some established, some newcomers, but all specialists in their own styles, will make for a medley of varying sounds, from hard, bleak, and industrial, to undersea colours unseen, and everything between. Yet with a harmony that recalls the universe’s one true law – – the world is more boundless and beautiful than anything we can imagine.

The photograph was taken by Miron Zownir– – Ukrainian/​German – – and is featured in his Berlin Noir monograph. The collection comprises urban landscapes and portraits to document timeless big city melancholy, and all of the facets of the wildlife of Berlin. Miron’s early photographs of West Berlin, hemmed in by the death strip, the inner German border, document the rebellious weltschmerz of punks, the social hopelessness of dropouts, drug addicts, casual labourers, and the homeless. On the other hand, his newer photographs depict examples of the anything goes” lifestyle of the Berlin Clubs, the celebrated body cult of the love parade or of commercial sex events, that again appear to have been born of a seemingly limitless freedom. Something, however, seems to have remained the same: Berlin is still a dream destination for freaks and flamboyant oddballs from around the world.