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Fiteiro Cultural - la forme du vide

Fiteiro Cultural — la forme du vide

Michel Favre

Brazil | 2018 | 55 min
French, Spanish, Portuguese |
Subtitles: French
For nearly two decades, Brazilian artist Fabiana de Barros (1957 – ) has been working on a unique cultural kiosk, the Fiteiro Cultural. In the process, she has become an iconic figure worldwide. Deployed in peculiar milieux, her installations reinvent themselves according to the artistic needs and talents of the communities in which they reside. Opening up to her longtime friend Michel Favre, the artist explains her ideas in a spirit of sharing and openness. On a neverending quest for perfect form, this inspiring woman pushes the limits of imagination, provoking rich interplay among artists of many cultures.

Director Michel Favre
Author Daniela Capelato
Editing Michel Favre
Artists Fabiana De Barros
Sound mixing François Wolf
Cinematography Michel Favre
Music Edgard Scandurra

In Partnership with

UDEM | Département d'anthropologie


Michel Favre

Michel Favre