L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Gods of Dance
Best Interactive Work, Special Mention, FIFA 2019

This short film, shot at 100 frames per second, features dancers from the San Francisco Ballet twirling through the air in slow motion. Director Jayson Tang draws on twelve filmed performances and a fragmentary technique to sublimate the choreography into a veritable animated fresco.
Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival, United States (2017)
San Francisco Dance Film Festival, United States (2017)
Tasmanian International Video Art Festival, Australia (2017)
In/​Motion Chicago’s International Dance Film Festival, United States (2017)

Last update in March 2019
Director Jayson Tang
Choreography Pascal Molat
Sound Matt Hodson
Cinematography Braden Summer


Jayson Tang

Jayson Tang

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