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Jaeborn, numéro par numéro

Jaeborn, numéro par numéro

Roger Gariépy

Canada | 2018 | 22 min
French, English, German, Japanese |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
In March 2015, three paintings by Matt Jaeborn were auctioned at Christies in London. These paintings are surprising: they are painted by number made when the artist was a child. The triptych takes off for $14 million. Who is behind this crazy purchase? The major collectors? The Russian mafia? The painter himself? A fascinating investigation that uncompromisingly addresses the excesses of contemporary art.
Director Roger Gariépy
Editing Amélie Labrèche
Cast David Lieber
Sound mixing Mathieu Morin
Cinematography Roger Gariépy
Music Anaïs Larocque


Roger Gariépy

Roger Gariépy

Born in Montreal, Roger Gariépy studied graphic design and photography at the École Cantonale des Beaux-arts et d’arts appliqués de Lausanne in Switzerland. Back in Quebec, he became art director, then creative director and owner of one of the most creative advertising agencies in Canada, Bos. He directed over a hundred commercials. god@​mail.​com is his sixth short film.

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god@​mail.​com (2020); Busy tuesday (2019); Jaeborn by numbers (2018); Three pages (2017); THE END (2016); Original sin (2011)

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