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The Artist's Wife

The Artist’s Wife

Tom Dolby

United States | 2019 | 1 h 34 min
Claire (Lena Olin) is a talented visual artist with a promising future. She has nonetheless given up painting to dedicate herself to her husband, renowned painter Richard Smythson (Bruce Dern), to whom she has been happily married for many years. The film opens during the lead-up to Richard’s final exhibition, when Claire begins to notice changes in his behaviour. Following Richard’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease, Claire faces tough challenges that will give new meaning to her own life, as well as that of her husband.
Director Tom Dolby
Editing Gena Bleier
Artists Bruce Dern, Lena Olin
Cinematographer Ryan Earl Parker
Music Jeff Grace


Tom Dolby

Tom Dolby


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Last Week Ends (2014) ; The Artist’s Wife (2019)

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