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The Show Through My Eyes

The Show Through My Eyes

Carlo De Togni

Italy | 2023 | 3 min
Available on ARTS.FILM from August 9, 2024

Created with artificial intelligence algorithms refined by human choices, this animated short film takes us on a Toulouse-Lautrecs imaginary journey to the heart of 19th-century Paris. Drawing inspiration from the artistic biography Lautrec, mon ami by François Gauzi, a close friend of the painter, the film explores the kaleidoscopic forms of entertainment of that era and reconstructs the world of Toulouse-Lautrec’s cabarets.
Other festivals:
ICFF, World Premiere, Canada (2023)
Lago Film Fest, SNCCI Critics’ Award, Italy (2023)
Director Carlo De Togni
Script Luzia Ribeiro da Costa
Production Carlo De Togni
Artistic Direction Francesco Wolf
Sound Milk Studios


Carlo De Togni

Carlo De Togni

As an emerging director, Carlo De Togni is deeply passionate about reviving the art of the past through short films. Exploring the expressive potential of artificial intelligence as a means of video production is a defining aspect of his work. His journey in the film world began with independent productions, where he refined his craft and developed a unique vision.

Drawing inspiration from historical art, he strives to capture its essence and translate it into captivating cinematic experiences. By delving into the stories of the past, he aims to shed new light on timeless narratives and connect them with a modern audience. It is through this artistic exploration that he has found a perfect synergy between classic inspiration and innovative technology.

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