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Where Are You, João Gilberto?

Where Are You, João Gilberto?

Georges Gachot

France, Germany, Switzerland | 2017 | 1 h 47 min
Award for Best Essay, FIFA 2019

Celebrated Brazilian musician Joao Gilberto (19312019) is considered the founding father of the bossa nova. Adapted from the book Hobalala by German journalist and author Marc Fischer, this documentary sets out in search of the legend of modern music. A masterful documentary that passionately brings an important figure of Brazilian music back into focus.
Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland (2018)
DOKfest Munchen, Munich, Germany (2018)
Two Riversides Film and Art Festival, Janowiec, Poland (2018)
Locarno International Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland (2018)
Golden Horse International Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan (2018)

Last update in March 2019
Director Georges Gachot
Script Georges Gachot, Paolo Polono
Cinematography Stéphane Kuthy
Music Joào Donato

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Georges Gachot

Georges Gachot

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