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At Arm's Length

At Arm’s Length

Robin Pineda Gould

Canada | 2022 | 20 min
Available on ARTS.FILM from June 14, 2024

Inspired freely by David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieris choreographic creation À bout de bras presented this fall at the Agora, this film shot outside shows us a character interpreted in a more intimate way. A man overcome by loneliness and guilt tries to leave everything behind. As he travels through increasingly desolate landscapes, he realizes that he cannot escape from himself. A visceral and stark portrait relieved by occasional bursts of color, humor, and hope.
Director Robin Pineda Gould
Cast David Albert-Toth


Robin Pineda Gould

Robin Pineda Gould

Robin Pineda Gould is a Montreal based artist. He works primarily with video and sound. His work explores the social and political dimensions of presence. He thinks of image collections as pathways that can reconfigure and deconstruct our structures of desire and individuality. He also works extensively with contemporary dance. His audio-visual work has been presented at Usine C, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Tangente, Monument-National & Agora de la Danse… His first alchemical video installation premiered in New York in 2012 at the AC Institute. He presently is finishing a master’s thesis and describes his visual work as a continuous search for the miraculous through the life of the image in the soundscapes of time.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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