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Graines d'étoiles : les années de maturité

Graines d’étoiles : les années de maturité

Françoise Marie

France | 1 h 15 min
Their dream: to become a Étoile’ dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet one day. Today, the students we followed in the series are approaching their 25th birthdays and are about to dive into the heart of their careers. Ten years ago, the filming of the series Graines d’étoiles began at the Paris Opera Ballet School. Five years ago, a second season explored the future of these young dancers. The third installment continues the story of a group of dancers who have been connected since the Ballet School, unique and representative enough for every viewer to find themselves in the questions and emotions they experience. These dancers resonate with an aspiration that guides us all throughout life: to give meaning to our existence.
Director Françoise Marie
Production Opéra National De Paris, ARTE France, SCHUCH Productions


Françoise Marie

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