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Catherine Aventurier

France | 2020 | 6 min
French |
Subtitles: English
Jouer Trailer
Inspired by capricci, the imaginary landscapes of Italian paintings, French sculptor Eva Jospin erects a huge funerary monument in the choir of the roman abbey in Montmajour, near Arles. Under the golden light, Jospin creates a spectacular and perilous work of craftsmanship, transforming a purely utilitarian material, corrugated cardboard, into a sculpture that is both monumental and spidery.
Other festivals:
On Art Film Festival, Pologne (2021)
Venice Art Awards, Italie (2021)
International Film Market on Contemporary Artists, France (2021)
Director Catherine Aventurier
Artist Eva Jospin
Cinematography Richard Cloue, José Ramirez Roméro
Music Stéphane Lopez


Catherine Aventurier

Catherine Aventurier

Born in France, in 1974, I studied editing in Paris. I worked for French TV, Cultural programs for France 5 and Arte. I was directing a show every week, in the museum and Art exhibit, presented by Laurence Piquet Un soir au musée during 6 years.
And after, since 2004, I have directed 12 documentaries about Art History painter’s duo. It could be mother and child, a couple or rivals who influenced each other in their art. For exemple: Van Gogh / Gauguin, Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera, Edward & Jo Hopper or Auguste Renoir / Jean Renoir. While this collection is going on, I’m also involved in contemporary artists. I’ve recently done a short film about Eva Jospin with Amart Films in the Tandem collection. I’m also the director of short videos for the Beaux-arts magazine website.

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