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Daphné Du Maurier - Sur les traces de Rebecca

Daphné Du Maurier — Sur les traces de Rebecca

Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger

France | 2017 | 55 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
Through a multitude of photos, archived footage, and film excerpts, this documentary, presented in North American premiere and originally aired on ARTE in France, explores the life and works of famous English novelist Daphne Du Maurier. Inspired by her best-seller Rebecca, which was adapted to cinema by Alfred Hitchcock, this film proposes a fascinating voyage to the very heart of Cornwall, a region that cannot be dissociated from her writings, leading us to discover her complex and enigmatic life.
Director Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger
Editing Barbara Doussot
Voice Kristin Scott Thomas
Sound mixing Charles Schlumberger
Cinematography Sylvie Carcedo
Music Charles et Erwan Schlumberger et Le Gwen

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Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger

Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger

Born in 1961 in Geneva, Elisabeth Auber Schlumberger attends a B.Sc. in Business and Public Administration from NYU in 1985, and graduates from the School of Visual Arts, New York, specialized in editing and documentary technique. In 1986, she met street artist Keith Haring, and directed her first documentary, Drawing the Line. In 1989, she comes back to Paris and directed two short films internationally awarded, Regarde-moi and Carpe Diem. Since then, she directed TV documentaries, including Les Apprenties de la vie, a film based on young women in precarious situation.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
L’Autre versant de Gstaad (2015) ; Lucien Clergue (2009) ; Les Apprenties de la vie (2007) ; Carpe Diem (2000) ; Regarde-moi (1993) ; Jean-Charles Blais (1989) ; Drawing the Line (1986).

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