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Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King

Double Take: The Art of Elizabeth King

Olympia Stone

United States | 2017 | 1 h 1 min
Jouer Trailer
This film highlights the work and perfectionism of American sculptor Elizabeth King, who embarks on each new project posing a single question to herself: Can this be done?” Viewers will discover King’s creative process, curiosity, and obsessive drive to solve the inevitable series of artistic and technical problems that arise in creating her sculptures and animations. Between realism and surrealism, the film highlights the artist’s passion for automata and puppets, as well as the role of movement and the body throughout her career.
Director Olympia Stone
Script Jody Becker
Editing Olympia Stone
Artist Elizabeth King
Sound Simone Keith
Cinematography Simone Keith
Graphic Creation Todd Lanning
Music Fred Story, Fred Story

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