L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Samuel and Isaac are South Sudanese teenage refugees, who grew up in Israel but were deported. They now live in Uganda and dream of making their musical talent known to the world. Amir, an Israeli musician, arrives to work with them and try to make their dreams come true, within this complex reality. We see the happiness of a beautiful short, and rare, period in their lives as refugees. The film transmits their rhythm, joy, and hope.
Other festivals:
Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel (2022)
IDFA, Netherlands (2022)
Director Tamar Goren, Amir Sade
Director of Photography Omer Lotan
Production Tamar Goren, Amir Sade
Editing Maya Klar, Tamar Goren, Amir Sade
Colorization Gal Isaar
Artist Isaac Victor, Samuel Khaled, Amir Sade
Sound Design Erez Einy Shavit
Sound Itay Schneider
Cinematography Omer Lotan
Graphic Creation Leehe Erlich
Music Isaac Victor, Samuel Khaled, Amir Sade, Ronaldo Luka


• Université Concordia - J.A. de Sève, LB-125, Pavillon J. W. McConnell
Sunday, march 19, 2023, 05:00 p.m. — 07:00 p.m.


Tamar Goren

Tamar Goren

Tamar Goren is a 30- year-old director and screenwriter. During her Film studies at Minshar for art” Tamar created short films that have been awarded at film festivals in Israel and around the world Simona and Eden(2017) and Homeward Bound (2018) Homeboys” is her debut feature film, the film Premiered at the Jerusalem film festival in 2022. In addition, Tamar is working on Nine lives” a scripted Feature film that was developed with the Israel film fund and is in the pre-production stage, developing two fiction TV series, working as a scriptwriter for a tv drama, and directing music videos

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Homeward Bound (2018)
Simona and Eden (2017)

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Université Concordia - J.A. de Sève, LB-125, Pavillon J. W. McConnell

Sunday, march 19, 2023, 05:00 p.m.

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