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Invisibles KaunaPawa

Invisibles KaunaPawa

Joel Haikali

Namibia | 2019 | 16 min
Jouer Trailer
Driven by an almost visceral desire to flee their own lives, two lost souls meet by chance. Together, they embark on an introspective quest to find their true identity. Along their journey, they traverse the majestic landscapes of Namibia, which reflect not only their state of mind and their soul but also the psyche of a post-apartheid nation in full transformation. In the middle of this wild nature, they desperately seek their place in this tormented world.
Overview of some festivals:
Accra International Film Festival, Ghana (2021)
Festival Cinemas D’Afrique-Lausanne, Switzerland (2021)
Festival Internationale Cinema de Kinshasa (FICKIN), Democratic Republic of Congo (2021)
Mashariki African Film Festival, Rwanda (2021)
Stage 32 HollyShorts& Raindance (2021)
Director Joel Haikali
Director of Photography Bernd Curschmann
Artistic Direction Joel Haikali
Editing Mikel Iribarren Morrás, Ismail Salahuddin
Sound editing Barto Alcaine
Artist Kaudife Haikali, Salmi Nambinga
Sound mixing Barto Alcaine
Music Enrica Sciandrone


Joel Haikali

Joel Haikali

Joel J.K. Haikali is an award-winning Namibian filmmaker, scholar, and a creative entrepreneur. Joel is currently the Creative& Strategic Director at Joe Vision Production (JVP) www​.joe​-vision​.com. In the past 5 years Joe Vision Production brought over 200 million NAD in film investments to Namibia through film. Joel was one of the executive producer of Lars Kauma’s latest film der vermessene Mensch’ and co-producer on the auteur cinema film Pepe, Imagination of the Third Cinema’. Joel’s creative work has been officially selected and showcased at international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, FESPACO, PAFF in Los Angeles, DIFF in SA just to mention the few. Before more and more work behind the scenes Joel he debuted as the young Namibian president Sam Nujoma in the award winning film Namibia The struggle for Liberation’ alongside American actors with Danny Glover and Carl Lubmly. Joel is Currently developing 3 projects to be shot in Namibia and Germany.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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