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Jeu de mémoire

Jeu de mémoire

Louis-Roland Leduc

Canada | 2021 | 24 min
Jeu de mémoire takes us back in time to the memories of Quebec artists Marie-Annick Viatour and Gaétan Berthiaume. Director Louis-Roland Leduc opens the doors of their memories, one by one, in search of the recollections that gave rise to their first artistic impulses. With open hearts, the two artists reveal fragments of their childhoods that allow to appreciate and understand what led them to embrace a professional artistic career.
Director Louis-Roland Leduc
Director of Photography Arnaud Vaillancourt
Scenarisation Marie-France Bégis, Louis-Roland Leduc
Production Viatour-Berthiaume
Line Producer Marie-France Bégis
Editing Arnaud Vaillancourt
Camera Arnaud Vaillancourt
Artists Gaétan Berthiaume, Marie-Annick Viatour
Graphic Creation Nathalie Racicot
Music Nicolas Dubé, Arnaud Vaillancourt

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Louis-Roland Leduc

Louis-Roland Leduc

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