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L E   F I F A
Les relations (sentimentales) des formes

Les relations (sentimentales) des formes

Stefan Cornic

France | 2019 | 6 min
French |
Subtitles: English
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Raphaël Zarka is an artist who works with geometry and a skateboarder who draws inspiration from the shapes of the city. His extensive research forms a puzzle whose pieces he must methodically assemble.
Director Stefan Cornic
Editing Emmanuel Abdessadok
Sound François-Xavier Ruette
Sound mixing Agathe Poche
Cinematography Stefan Cornic
Music Jason Glasser, Jérôme Lorichon


Stefan Cornic

Stefan Cornic

Trained as an art historian (Sorbonne-Columbia), Stefan Cornic is interested in the encounters between art, architecture and cinema through writing and image. Author of Outside, quand la photographie s’empare du cinéma (ed. Carlotta, 2014) on the New York photographers and directors Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin, he contributes to magazines (Le Journal des Arts, Numéro, Mastermind) and gives lectures on the history of architecture in Mk2 theaters. He regularly collaborates on cultural programs for Arte and France 5 (Entrée Libre, Gymnastique, Invitation au Voyage) and directs art, architecture and documentary films, such as Jim Jarmusch, poems on film.

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Les relations (sentimentales) des formes (2019) ; Jim Jarmusch, poèmes sur pellicule (2018) ; Pays de France, Aurélien Bellanger (2018) ; Seul évènement sur la ligne d’horizon, Nina Leger (2018) ; Je me souviens d’un coin perdu, Régine Robin (2018) ; Héliogravure, rencontre entre Fanny Boucher et Edouard Elias (2019) ; Cibachrome is not dead (2019)

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