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Louise Warren - Fragments

Louise Warren — Fragments

Anne-Marie Tougas

Canada | 2020 | 5 min
Jouer Trailer
Louise Warren – Fragments goes to the very heart of the poet’s experience: her material and the space she inhabits. This film is based on an unpublished excerpt by Louise Warren about subject matter and creation, written in 2019. The text, read by the artist off-camera, invites us to reflect. On screen, we travel between Louise Warren’s house, her eclectic and personal collection of small-scale artworks, and the undergrowth — a metaphor for the work fashioned by the poet’s hands. This film chimes a resonance between material and written word.
Director Anne-Marie Tougas

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Anne-Marie Tougas

Anne-Marie Tougas

A graduate of the Université de Montréal in landscape architecture, Anne-Marie Tougas is a Montreal-based filmmaker. Producer, director and cinematographer, she is interested in universal human values and themes that are both meaningful and questioning, and in the role of art in our lives. Her film Raymond Klibansky de la philosophie à la vie was a prizewinner at the 20th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA), and it was widely shown around the world. Her film L’espace que j’ai vu…un portrait de pierre thibault, 2007, winner of the audience award at the Rencontres cinéma — architecture in Annecy and widely distributed in France, was in official competition at the 25th FIFA. Vivre avec l’art …un art de vivre was the opening film of the 28th FIFA. Artistic creation and expression are an integral part of Anne-Marie Tougas’ approach. All her feature-length films on art have been in competition at the International Festival of Films on Art and screened both locally and internationally. Since 2020, the filmmaker has been experimenting with the cinematographic transposition of living poetry in situ, in the form of short films. Eau Vive, in competition at the FIFA, was selected for a special screening at the Centre culturel canadien in Paris.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Louise Warren — Fragments (2020) ; Les Chercheurs d’art (2014) ; Vivre avec l’art… un art de vivre (2010) ; L’espace que j’ai vu… un portrait de l’architecte pierre thibault (2007) ; Raymond Klibansky — De la philosophie à la vie (2002).

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