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Hippolyte Leibovici

Belgium | 2019 | 21 min
Jouer Trailer
This documentary portrays four generations of a family of drag queens in Brussels. As masculine features gradually soften under layers of makeup, as glasses are emptied, so the stories begin to flow. Tough subjects are approached, such as suicide, coming out and maternal love. Jokes fly, and the topic turns to the generational divide.
Director Hippolyte Leibovici
Editing Leole Poubelle
Sound Victor Crestani
Cinematography Julien De Keukeleire


Hippolyte Leibovici

Hippolyte Leibovici

Hippolyte Leibovici is a Franco-Belgian director whose relationship with cinema began at 13 years old, giving out coffee on the set of an African production house in Paris. Gradually drifting away from his studies, he worked as an image technician for the same production house between the ages of 15 and 17. He soon began making improvised short films that combined the technical skills he had gained with his ambitions to direct. At 18, he joined the direction program at the INSAS film school, where he met his future team. He abandoned fiction for documentary at the age of 21, determined to make cinema that would serve a purpose, particularly for the LGBT community.

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