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Sasha Theodora

Canada | 2023 | 7 min
Available on ARTS.FILM from August 23, 2024

In the Ukrainian tradition, the body of the deceased is washed and ritually prepared, to honour the person’s spirit. Bohyni, a true gem of Ukrainian folklore, immerses us in a moving ritual of healing and liberation, capturing the essence of a fantastical forest and the poetic symbolism associated with souls lost during the war.
Overview of some festivals: 
Experimental Brasil, Brazil (2023)
International Ethnographic Film Festival OKO, Ukraine (2023)
Berlin Indie Film Festival, Germany (2024)
Society for Visual Anthropology Film and Media Festival, Canada (2023)
Director Sasha Theodora
Director of Photography Gabie Che Allain
Production Design Sasha Theodora
Editing Gabie Che Allain
Cast Soula Gountouvas, Imi Oto, Lizzy Shipman
Voice Andrea Kuzmich, Mario Morello, Sasha Theodora, Nastasia Y
Concept Sasha Theodora
Sound mixing Tim Dolbear
Cinematography Olya Glotka
Costumes Sasha Theodora
Music Teehan Robbie


Sasha Theodora

Sasha Theodora

Sasha Theodora is a queer Ukrainian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist, splitting their time between T’karonto and Bulbancha (New Orleans). They have travelled the world working as an actor, singer/​musician, director, producer and ritual mask maker. They are a founding member of Folk Camp Canada, Queen Cake and Ghosts Within. At the start of the full scale invasion of Ukraine, they started making protest videos, of which Bohyni” is the third.
They use ritual and folklore as inspiration for their artistic practice to counter oppressive hegemonic colonial culture.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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