L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Étienne Plasse

Canada | 2021 | 8 min
Jouer Trailer
TEROFOREST is a multidisciplinary work that combines visual arts and performance art, whose subject is our natural heritage (the Laurentian forest) as well as art and humans. TEROFOREST, the film, is a rendering of this work through the eyes of the filmmaker. The installation comes to life when a lumberjack, carrying a chainsaw, enters it, putting into it his energy and experience. At first, it appears as if he modifies the forest by his presence, but he too is modified, transformed by his incursion into the work. With the power of editing, the performance, filmed in real time, is remodelled according to what the filmmaker felt and experienced during its execution. The transformation takes place on multiple levels.
Director Étienne Plasse
Director of Photography Étienne Plasse
Editing Étienne Plasse
Artist Pierre-Emmanuel Dru, Nathalie Morel

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Étienne Plasse

Étienne Plasse

Feature-length films :
An Encounter with Banting (in progress) — editing
A World Unnoticed — 2017 — Directing, screenwriting, director of photography and editing

Short films :
TEROFOREST — 2021 — Directing, director of photography and editing
Chrysalis — 2020 — Directing, screenwriting and editing
Il y a des moments — 2020 — Directing, screenwriting and ediitng
3 milieux de vie, 150 vibrations sur le territoire MHM avec Molinari — 2020 — Directing, screenwriting, director of photography and editing
Le boisé des terres noires, d’hier à aujourd’hui — 2019 — Co-directing, screenwriting, director of photography and editing
Hochelaga (mon village) — 2017 — Directing, screenwriting, director of photography and editing

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