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Une poétique de l'habiter

Une poétique de l’habiter

Damien Faure, Caroline Alder

France, Chile | 2018 | 59 min
Spanish |
Subtitles: French
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On the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Chile, a young architect, who narrates this contemplative voyage, returns to the landscapes that are close to her heart. Here, she says, where time becomes poetic,” is the land of Amereida, a poem written in Tierra del Fuego in 1967 that celebrates the new origin of America. Through this pilgrimage, she guides us in an architectural exploration to reveal a foreign territory where habitable space becomes poetic concept. A space where architecture re-creates the links between human beings and the world. A gentle voyage through the lands of Latin America.
Director Damien Faure, Caroline Alder
Author Caroline Alder, Damien Faure
Editing Damien Faure
Cinematography Damien Faure
Music Xavier Roux

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Damien Faure

Damien Faure

Une poétique de l’habiter (2018) ; Le trésor d’Angoulême (2017) ; Milieu (2015) ; Espaces intercalaires (2012) ; Quand les filles flirtaient avec les Dieux (2011)
Caroline Alder

Caroline Alder

Une poétique de l’habiter (2018)

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