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Were It Not for Metro...

Were It Not for Metro…

Georges Hachem

Lebanon | 2022 | 1 h 43 min
Arabic |
Subtitles: English
Eight Lebanese artists, brilliant and determined, share their passion and talent on stage at the Al-Madina Metro Theatre in Beirut, a magical place where their paths have crossed and their dreams have come true. Since 2013, evolving off the beaten path, they continued to perform, successfully, tirelessly, until 2020 – as long as the heart of Beirut continued to beat. A moving film by Georges Hachem that celebrates resilience and the power of art.
Other festival:
Malmo Arab Film Festival, Best Arab Documentary, Sweden (2022)
Director Georges Hachem
Director of Photography Jean Hatem, Mark Khalifé, Talal Khoury
Executive Production Hussein Gharib
Editing Sandra Fatté
Sound Recording Victor Bresse, Tatiana Dahdah
Colorization Walter Cavatoi
Sound mixing Victor Bresse


Georges Hachem

Georges Hachem

Georges Hachem is a Lebanese filmmaker who graduated from the Louis Lumière National School in Paris, after completing theater studies at the Lebanese University. In 2010, he had written and directed Stray Bullet, which starred Lebanese actress and filmmaker Nadine Labaki. Awarded in many international film festivals, Stray Bullet won notably the Best Arab Film award at Dubai International Film Festival. In 2016, he had written, produced and directed Still Burning which starred Canadian-Lebanese playwright Wajdi Mouawad, along with Algerian actress Adila Bendimerad and Lebanese actor Fadi Abi Samra.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Still Burning (2016)
Stray Bullet (2010)
Evening Mass (2009)

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