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Launch of the Films on Art Network’s website

Launch of the Films on Art Network's website

The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) is pleased to announce the launch of the website of the new professional network of art film festivals: filmsonartnetwork​.com. This is another milestone for this grouping of art film festival professionals from around the world who had the opportunity to meet during the 41st edition of FIFA.

The Films on Art Network is a 13-member professional network of art film festivals that is part of an emerging artistic dynamic of innovation and collaboration in the field of art film and aims to encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources in the service of the art film industry.

The filmsonartnetwork​.com website provides a meeting place for art film professionals and access to information about art film festivals around the world. 

The Films on Art Network is an international initiative:

North America: Le FIFA (Canada)
Latin America: DART Festival (Chili), Fotogenia (Mexico), ARCA (Uruguay)
Asia : Painting with Light : Festival of International Films on Art (Singapore)
Europe : Brussels Art Film Festival (Belgium), DART Festival (Spain), Journées Internationales du Film sur l’Art (France), Lo Schermo dell’Arte (Italy), Film and Architecture (Czech Republic), DOKU ARTS (Germany)
Middle East: Beirut Art Film Festival (Lebanon), EPOS Festival (Israël)

The objectives of the Films on Art Network are:

-Film calls, publications, productions and events within the network.
-Films on Art programmed in partner festivals
-Meetings between filmmakers, production and distribution companies

-Know-how to support the organization of art film festivals
-A common database

-Meetings between filmmakers, production companies, distributors and other industry professionals
-Workshops, debates and research on industry issues