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Arno - Dancing Inside My Head

Arno — Dancing Inside My Head

Pascal Poissonnier

Belgium | 2016 | 1 h 16 min
French, English, Flemish |
Subtitles: English
Lighting up the stage with his presence for over 40 years, rocker Arno Hintjens leads us into his crazy world, a career first. This intimate documentary paints a portrait of his creative process while recording his latest album, Human Incognito, as well as on tour, travelling from Europe to Japan to the United States. Arno – Dancing Inside My Head is a foray into the complex, compulsive, and rocking world of the Belgian king of rock, who can fluently share his wisdom in French as well as in Flemish.
Director Pascal Poissonnier
Editing Stijn Deconinck, Koen Timmerman
Sound Jeroen De Vriese, Ludovic Van Pachterbeke
Sound mixing Thierry De Vries
Cinematography Pascal Poissonnier, Christophe Vanhoutte
Music Arno Hintjens

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Pascal Poissonnier

Pascal Poissonnier

Born in Belgium in 1973, Pascal Poissonnier studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK) and did an Master of Arts in scriptwriting after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Since 2007, he directed two documentaries with Savage Films, a production company: Walking Back to Happiness and No Comment. Arno – Dancing Inside My Head is his third documentary.
No Comment (2011) ; Walking Back to Happiness (2010) ; 10 Miljoen Belgen (2010) ; Pattaten (2009).

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