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Autour d'eux, la nuit

Autour d’eux, la nuit

Vassili Schémann

Belgium, Poland | 2020 | 20 min
Polish |
Subtitles: French
Jouer Trailer
The protagonists of this short film have spent half their lives underground. They are miners working in Poland’s largest copper mine. They are also singers. Every week they gather to sing as a group, and for 40 years, the choir has given concerts all over the world. But everything is about to change, because the mine is set to close. Autour d’eux, la nuit is a tribute to these workers who know darkness like no one else. Their voices resonate with a force and harmony that contrasts with the noise of the machines and the tough conditions of the tunnels. It seems only natural that this choir’s repertoire should speak of the depths they know so well, and of the friends and colleagues who have lost their lives on the job.
Director Vassili Schémann
Editing Sara Kamidian
Sound Théau Varlet
Sound mixing Manel Weidmann
Cinematography Marie Merlant

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Vassili Schémann

Vassili Schémann

Born in Paris in 1996 and trained as a musician, Vassili Schémann discovers cinema in high school, where his taste for documentaries and cinéma du réel” began. After he graduated from high school, he entered the University of Paris 8 in Saint Denis in cinema. During that time he also worked as an animator at the Goutte d’or primary school while continuing to work as a musician for a theater company. After two years of studies, he decided to attend the concourses and entered the INSAS in the Direction section. Since then, he has directed documentaries and fictions, and is also interested in radio creation. He is preparing next year a theatre production and a short fiction film.

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