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Bliss, épopée d'une création

Bliss, épopée d’une création

Eric Ellena

France | 2015 | 1 h 30 min
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Bliss is a show by choreographer Anthony Egea that mixes hip-hop and electro, inspired by the world of rave parties and dance floors. The film follows the entire creative process – from auditions to nerve-wracking opening night on D‑day and the months of training in between. 
Director Eric Ellena


Eric Ellena

Eric Ellena

Manager and Producer at French Connection Films, Eric Ellena is a French filmmaker. He has been a writer-director of documentaries for nearly 20 years, in fields as diverse as history, the environment, science and culture. His documentaries have been shown around the world and he has produced numerous award-winning documentaries at various festivals. He is the co-director of the documentary I remember better when I paint, a film which greatly contributed to the activities of World Alzheimer’s Day in France.

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