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Conz, The Ultimate Collector's Life

Conz, The Ultimate Collector’s Life

Roberto Delvoi

France, Germany, Italy | 2021 | 59 min
Jouer Trailer
The story of one of the most controversial figures in the art collection, whose name continues to provoke and divide. Francesco Conz attempted to blur the boundary between art and life. An entrepreneur hailing from the Veneto region, he chose to relinquish all he owned to wholeheartedly dedicate himself to his all-consuming passion for the artistic avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century, which would transform into a genuine obsession until its tragic end.
Script Roberto Delvoi, Daniele Garioni
Director of Photography Nicola Righetti
Production Daniele Garioni
Editing Roberto Delvoi
Colorization Aldo Bassetto
Sound mixing Giorgio Vita
Cinematography Roberto Delvoi
Music Giuseppe Cordaro


Roberto Delvoi

Roberto Delvoi

Initially a director of corporate and commercial videos, in recent years Roberto Delvoi has been dedicating himself to the world of visual arts.

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