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Corps émouvants

Corps émouvants

Anna Alexandre, Anthony Faye

France | 2019 | 52 min
French |
Subtitles: French
Available on May 27, 2022.

Young people from the antipodes will live a unique adventure of inclusive dance, discovering themselves beyond their differences, beyond their handicaps. Between intimate struggles and collective construction, a team of passionate professionals will accompany them in this singular journey, helping them grow and show that together, everything becomes accessible.
Director Anthony Faye
Author Anna Alexandre
Production Nomade Productions, Stéla - DAN.CIN.LAB, TL7 Télévision Loire 7, YN Productions - La cuisine aux images
Choreography Eric Languet
Artists Adeline Lefièvre
Sound mixing Pierre-Emmanuel Guinois
Music Jean-Christophe Désert

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Anna Alexandre

Anna Alexandre

In 2016, Anna Alexandre was recruited by the Canadian agency Circo de Bakuza to choreograph the Saint-Etienne version of the Euro / UEFA 2016 Ceremony, with 170 high school students from the Loire. The team was elected best French city among the 10 hosting the event in France.

The Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Saint-Etienne called on her in 2017 to design a different way of approaching the history of dance at the international level. Anna builds an innovative module that she calls Choreographic Culture through Images”, as part of a 3‑year program open to the CRR’s top students but also to the general public.

In 2019, Anna launches the DAN.CIN.LAB platform, with a brand new international festival dedicated to Societal Dance Cinema. At the same time, with the support of the European Union, she inaugurates a new project: mAPs — Migrating Artists Project — in partnership with Malakta Films / Finland, Coorpi / Italy, Tanzrauschen / Germany, Athens Videodance Project / Greece, for the creation, the realization and the diffusion of the first collection of danced films around the theme of Power. She co-signed that same year with director Anthony Faye Corps Emouvants, her first creative non-fiction documentary around young amateur dancers with disabilities engaged in an inclusive creation of Ravel’s Bolero in Loire and Reunion.

The biographies were provided by third parties.
Moving Bodies (2019) ; Ablutions (2018).
Anthony Faye

Anthony Faye

With two friends, Faye creates, in 2011, the first short film festival in Saint-Etienne: Le Festival Tournez Court. He is in charge of the organization, the programming, the search for funding, the partnerships, the composition of the jury, and of course, the teaser as well as the photography of the poster for each edition.

At the same time, he started his own business as a director/​photographer. He directed clips for local artists, short films, reports, recordings and documentaries. But also video workshops to share his passion with young people. He follows with Stéla — DesArts/​/​DesCinés a project Dance // Cinema // French Sign Language conducted with a group of young students of the Institut Plein Vent; he draws a 39-minute documentary entitled TouSenSignes which will be screened at the opening of the Bicentennial of the Institut Plein Vent Surdité in June 2015, and then for the first time to the general public in April 2016 at the opening of the 6th Festival DesArts/​/​DesCinés. Since then, the film has also toured abroad — Amsterdam, Athens, and Hong Kong.

Anthony co-wrote Corps émouvants in 2019 with Anna Alexandre, his second creative documentary about young amateur dancers with disabilities engaged in an inclusive creation of Ravel’s Bolero in Loire and Reunion. The film will premiere in January 2020 at the Athens Video Dance Project Festival.

On the photography side, Anthony does many photo shoots for festivals, shows, filming, artists…

The biographies were provided by third parties.
Moving Bodies (2019) ; Manque à crever de chaleur humaine (2019) ; Le bon profil (2017) ; Oeuf-clos ; Sommeil ambulant (2016) ; Reflets (2016)

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