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Exposing Muybridge
Brilliant, ambitious, and mischievous, the 19th-century English photographer Eadweard Muybridge (who spent part of his life in San Francisco) lived a dozen lives before his breakthrough photographs of running horses set the course for the development of cinema and transformed the camera into a machine of unmatched perception and persuasion. But hiding in Muybridge’s work are clues that provoke an enduring question: can we believe what we see in a photograph?
Overview of some festivals:
Sonoma International Film Festival, United States (2022)
Film Fest Gent, Belgium (2022)
Il Cinema Ritrovato, Italy (2022)
Lemesos International Documentary Festival, Cyprus (2022)
Sedona International Film Festival, United States (2022)
Director Marc Shaffer, Marc Shaffer
Script Marc Shaffer
Director of Photography Benjamin Pritchard, Chris Patterson, Wesley Johnson, Jay Dacey, Andreas Burgess, John Behrens, James Ball
Production Elisabeth Haviland James, Serginho Roosblad
Executive Production Nion McEvoy, Leslie Berriman
Participation Byron Wolfe, Richard White, Amy Werbel, Gary Oldman, Mark Klett, Richard Jackson, Kushakaak, Thomas Gunning, Rebecca Gowers, Luther Gerlach, Philip Brookman, Marta Braun
Editing Elisabeth Haviland James
Music Chad Cannon
Animation Revere La Noue, Juan Carlos Yanaura Sameshima, Drew Takahashi, Joe Fellows


• Musée McCord Stewart
Saturday, march 18, 2023, 04:00 p.m. — 06:00 p.m.


Marc Shaffer

Marc Shaffer

Marc Shaffer is a documentary filmmaker, investigative reporter, and founder of the non-profit production company Inside Out Media in Oakland, California. Shaffer has directed and produced many acclaimed documentaries seen on National Geographic, American public television, Al Jazeera, on major streamers, on demand and in theaters. For Exposing Muybridge”, Shaffer’s first independent feature documentary, he was honored with the Writers Guild Award for outsanding documentary screenplay, and his other work has garnered three national Emmy nominations among many other honors.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 (2014)
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Musée McCord Stewart

Saturday, march 18, 2023, 04:00 p.m.

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