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FIFA Expérimental - FOCUS Manon Labrecque

FIFA Expérimental — FOCUS Manon Labrecque

Presented only in theatres

The FIFA Expérimental – FOCUS Manon Labrecque program brings together eight videos produced since 1993. A tribute to an artist who passed away at the end of summer 2023, it offers a journey into 30 years of research and creativity in the workshop. It was designed as an invitation to discover or see again works that are unique in the history of video. Some themes are suggested: the double, derision, disfigurement, the present, imitation, limitations, vulnerability, erasure. Discovering Manon Labrecques videos is an unexpected opportunity to let yourself be captured by the extraordinary imagination of an artist inhabited by movement, that of human beings and things. A multi-disciplinary artist, Manon Labrecque is recognized and appreciated not only for her video works, but also for her performances, drawings, sound and kinetic installations — on the look-out for an emotion, for a subtle and irreducible sensation. Like a breath or a thought.

Rien que la vérité, toute la vérité — Manon Labrecque. Canada.1993. 8 min. V.O. French.
En deçà du réel— Manon Labrecque. Canada. 1997. 11 min 43 s. V.O. French.
Entrevue (avec une célébrité)— Manon Labrecque. Canada. 2009. 5 min 1 s. No dialogue.
La fois où j’ai loué une caméra qui vaut cher — Manon Labrecque. Canada. 2008. 33 min 42 s. V.O. French.

La vie à 2 [objet #1] — Manon Labrecque. Canada. 2023. 4 min 44 s. No dialogue.
C’t aujourd’hui qu’ — Manon Labrecque. Canada. 1999. 17 min 15 s. V.O. French.
La vie à 2 [objet #2]— Manon Labrecque. Canada. 2023. 3 min 33 s. No dialogue.
Silences nomades — Manon Labrecque. Canada. 2002. 35 min. V.O. French.
Director Manon Labrecque

In Partnership with


• Université Concordia - J.A. de Sève, LB-125, Pavillon J. W. McConnell
Saturday, march 23, 2024, 04:00 p.m. — 06:30 p.m.

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