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François Morelli l'artiste

François Morelli l’artiste

Suzanne Guy

Canada | 2017 | 48 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
Since the 1970s, François Morelli has delved into a multitude of artistic disciplines, such as drawing, sculpture, installation art, and performance art. From the very start, this multidisciplinary artist has been interested in the ties between art and society, and his artistic approach combines past events, current political climates, and historical quotes. His works addresses the ties between personal memories and collective memories, as well as notions of transition, metamorphosis, and cyclicality. Part documentary and part testimony, this film brings forth a reflection on the artist’s creative process, as well as the social, political, and poetic implications tied to his art. It has been directed and produced for the retrospective exhibit on François Morelli presented in 2017, in Old Montreal.
Director Suzanne Guy
Participation Isabelle De Mévius, Didier Morelli
Editing Yves Chaput
Artists François Morelli
Sound Olivier Léger
Cinematographer Philippe Lavalette
Manager Suzanne Corriveau
Music David Thomas

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Suzanne Guy

Suzanne Guy

Suzanne Guy is an artist whose works are testimonies of an unfailing constancy. Tact, delicacy, and stubbornness are her signature when she questions the concerns of society and discusses concerning topics with a humanity and hope vision. She also explored visual arts with Scrapper l’art (2011), and directed two TV shows about public art.
François Morelli l’artiste (2017) ; Jean-Pierre Morin, le sculpteur de lumière (2016) ; À tout hasard (2015) ; Vu par hasard (2011) ; Scrapper l’art (2011) ; Bisexualité : Territoires secrets (2009) ; La Grande École… de la vie (2001) ; L’Arbre de la mémoire (2000) ; L’Emprise (1988) ; Les Bleus au cœur (1987).

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