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Frank Capra, il était une fois l'Amérique

Frank Capra, il était une fois l’Amérique

Dimitri Kourtchine

France | 2020 | 52 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
An irresistible blend of idealism and humor, Capra’s touch has made his finest films a part of the cinematic pantheon. From childhood exile to success, a portrait of the sparkling Frank Capra, champion of the American film dream. In the style of a fairy tale, inspired by Capra’s narrative style in his films, the most famous of which were made during the Great Depression, Dimitri Kourtchine traces the director’s fabulous rise in Hollywood, from childhood to the end of his career. Narrated by Comédie-Française member Didier Sandre, and featuring film extracts and interviews, this is a richly documented portrait of the filmmaker who died in 1991, exalting the American dream without being fooled by its limits.
Director Dimitri Kourtchine
Script Patrick Glâtre
Production ARTE France, Talweg Production

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