L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Laura Stek

Netherlands | 2019 | 23 min
Dutch |
Subtitles: English
During her psychotic episodes, Gioia experienced beautiful dreams and terrible nightmares. Today, her life is much more stable, anchored in the routine of daily life. But what about imagination? A documentary about dance, exploring the boundaries of imagination and reality.
Director Laura Stek
Editing Katarina Türler
Choreography Liat Waysport
Sound Mark Glynne
Cinematography Ton Peters
Music Darius Timmer

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Laura Stek

Laura Stek

Laura Stek (1983) is an experienced radio producer and a fresh film director. She has received several prizes and nominations for her radio documentaries. Using audio as her starting point, Laura also experiments with new forms of storytelling. Together with filmmaker Sanne Rovers, she made an animated short film and travelling installation based on telephone conversations with lonely elderly people, called A Listening Ear (VPRO). She has also worked on various web documentaries, including The Imperial Courts Project (with photographer Dana Lixenberg) and The Final Days of Standing Rock (VPRO). The dance documentary Gioia is her first film.

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