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Jodie Foster - Hollywood dans la peau

Jodie Foster — Hollywood dans la peau

Camille Juza, Yal Sadat

France | 2021 | 53 min
French, English |
Subtitles: French
From her precocious status as a sex symbol to her consecration as a filmmaker, Jodie Foster’s story is about a feminist struggle, fought on and off-screen.

A cerebral, French-speaking woman among Hollywood: the Jodie Foster enigma is a tough one to solve. Her early years tell a story that is diametrically opposed to her current image – she used to be a girl over influenced by images and the film industry. In her most beloved movies, whether Silence of the Lambs or Panic Room, she is the embodiment of uniqueness: a cold beauty, an icon defying all the codes of Hollywood glamor.
Director Camille Juza, Yal Sadat
Director of Photography Guillaume Bression
Production Emmanuelle Lepers
Editing Stéphanie Mahet
Music Krikor Kouchian

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