L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A


Kyana Lyne, Siam Obregón

Canada | 2020 | 7 min
Jouer Trailer
Faced by the global pandemic and race crisis, a performer dedicates a moment for personal catharsis through movement.
Also presented:
MAtv, Canada (2021)
Festival Quartier Danses, Canada (2020)
Director Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne
Production Festival Quartier Danses, Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne
Editing Siam Obregon
Choreography Kyana Lyne
Cast Jontae McCrory
Voice Stella Adjokê
Sound Paloma Daris Becotte
Cinematography Steven Turcotte
Manager Mérédith Gonzalez-Bayard
Lighting Luna Gautier
Other Evangelos Desborough (Grip), Alexandre Nour Desjardins (Grip), Lawrence Labeau (1st AC), Ben Gauthier (Camera operator)


Kyana Lyne

Kyana Lyne

JONTAE (2020) — Co-producer, co-director, choreographer.
Siam Obregón

Siam Obregón

JONTAE (2020) — Co-producer, co-director, writer, and editor.
Elspeth McConnell — An extraordinary Legacy (2019) — Co-producer.
About Sol (2019 — status: post-production) — Writer, Director.

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