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La tentation du réel

La tentation du réel

Jérôme Laffont, Joachim Thôme

Belgium, France | 2020 | 1 h 6 min
French, English, Dutch |
Subtitles: French
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After eight years of restoration, the altarpiece Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, one of the masterpieces of art history, finally returned to its original splendour. Painted by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck and unveiled on May 6, 1432, the monumental work has fascinated the public through time to the present, thanks to its revolutionary realism and infinite wealth of details. It majestically illustrates the tipping point away from the Middle Ages and toward modernity. Through a spectacular staging of the countless images in the altarpiece, this documentary opens the door to the world of the Van Eyck brothers. Using an exceptional projection mechanism, the experts are immersed within the painting. The film also invites viewers to an unprecedented encounter with the celebrated English painter David Hockney, who discusses his controversial theories about the Van Eycks’ masterpiece.
Director Joachim Thôme, Jérôme Laffont
Editing Joachim Thôme
Cinematography Johan Legraie, Colin Levêque
Music Michiel De Malsche

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Jérôme Laffont

Jérôme Laffont

Jérôme Laffont is a French-born director based in Belgium. He is co-director along with Marie-France Collard and Foued Bellali, of the feature documentary Resist is not a crime (2008) about the misuse of anti-terrorism laws in Belgium. In 2009, he directed Algeria, Images d’un combat, a documentary in which he portrays the French filmmaker and activist René Vautier, and evokes his commitment during the Algerian War. This film received awards at the Festival Filmer à Tout Prix, the Festival du film Méditerranéen de Lunel and the Journées Cinématographiques d’Alger.

In 2017, Jérôme Laffont directed Les Mains Libres, about the artist Frans Masereel. Through a free portrait of the Belgian engraver and painter, the film questions the close links between Art and commitment. In 2020, he directed with Joachim Thôme a documentary on the altarpiece of the Mystic Lamb entitled La Tentation du Réel. This documentary questions the revolutionary realism of Hubert and Jan Van Eyck’s painting by confronting art historians with large projections of the painting’s details. The film also features an interview with the English painter David Hockney during which he discusses his controversial theories on the Van Eyck masterpiece.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Les Mains Libres (2017) ; André Renard, trois moments d’un parcours syndical (2012) ; Algérie, Images d’un combat (2009) ; Résister n’est pas un crime (2008) ; Au cœur du chaud, des vestiges et des hommes (2005).
Joachim Thôme

Joachim Thôme

Joachim Thôme is a director, editor and producer at Productions du Verger. He was born in Brussels in 1980. After completing a degree at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in philosophy and literature, he entered INSAS in 2002 where he graduated in editing. He then worked as an editor on many documentaries and short films. In 2014, Joachim Thôme directed his first feature documentary, S’Enfuir, a film dedicated to the Belgian composer, Albert Huybrechts.

In parallel, Joachim Thôme directs several music films for great Belgian and international performers, such as the Ictus Ensemble, the Tana Quartet, the Ô‑Celli Ensemble, Sergio Tempo or Céline Moinet … In 2020, he directed with Jérôme Laffont, the documentary La Tentation du Réel, dedicated to the altarpiece of the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers.

Joachim Thôme is currently preparing a feature-length documentary dedicated to the 16th century composer, Roland de Lassus.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
La Tentation du Réel (2020) ; S’enfuir (2014).

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