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Chenglong Tang

China | 2020 | 5 min
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This short film cleverly reimagines an ancestral Chinese legend through dance. It tells the story of Jiang Gong, a humble fisherman and great strategist of the Zhou dynasty, who found a way to fish without bait. Directed by Chenglong Tang, the film depicts three characters in a frantic race. Each of them wants to win, although their goal is unknown to us. The framing and the dynamic, meticulous choreography make the perfect setting to transpose this ancient legend into the present day. The result is a universal tale of lost identity, abandonment of the self, and renunciation of free will.
Director Chenglong Tang
Editing Guo Xiaoxiu, Shifei Chen
Choreography Chenglong Tang
Cast Shifei Chen, Theo Pendle, Zibo Geng
Sound mixing Zeng Xiaogang, Lei Qian
Cinematographer Siyang Fu, Jun Huang
Music Zeng Xiaogang
Manager Frédéric Alexandre
Translation Jue Tang, Su Xiao, Yiying Zhao
Other Xiu A


Chenglong Tang

Chenglong Tang

Chenglong Tang is a choreographer, award-winning dance drama director and dance film director. Graduated from Beijing Dancing Academy, he transformed from a professional dancer to an independent artist, exploring the possibilities from stage to screen. As author — both choreographer and filmmaker — of the dance film Gatha, he wins the 2018 San Francisco Dance Film Festival more than 10 minutes best short film” and the Grand Jury Prize of 2018 French DADC International Dance Film Competition. As a performer Chenglong starred in some large-scale folk dance plays, such as Xishi, Jasmine or Embroidered Niang. As a choreographer and director he created large-scale folk dance dramas, such as The flowers of war, Jasmine, Nine Color Deer, and dance poems Sister lover River.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
L’appât (2021) ; Gatha (2018) ; Le rivage (2017) ; 8023 (2017) ; La Cuisine (2017) ; Zen Road (2012).

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