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Maguy Marin, L'Urgence d'Agir

Maguy Marin, L’Urgence d’Agir

David Mambouch

France | 2019 | 1 h 45 min
Jouer Trailer
She is one of those artists who dig deep and lasting furrows, who change lives. For more than 40 years, Maguy Marin has established herself as a major choreographer on the world stage. Daughter of Spanish immigrants, her work is a joyful and furious punch in the face of barbarism. Her career and her political stances call for audacity, courage and combat.

In 1981, his flagship show, May B, shook everything we thought about dance. A deflagration whose echo has not finished resounding.

The journey of the choreographer Maguy Marin, a vast movement of bodies and hearts, an adventure of our time, immortalized and transmitted in turn by the cinema image.
Director David Mambouch
Script David Mambouch
Editing Pierre Grange, David Mambouch
Choreography Maguy Marin
Sound Amaury De Nexon, Marco Pascal, Alexandre Perrier, Thiago Teixeira De Deus
Sound mixing Nathalie Vidal
Cinematography Pierre Grange
Music Charlie Aubry


David Mambouch

David Mambouch

Trained as an actor at ENSATT, David Mambouch was a member of the permanent company of the TNP in Villeurbanne from 2004 to 2010. He writes texts for the theater. Olivier Borle directed Premières Armes in 2007, Walk Out in 2013, I‑A in 2017. David Mambouch directed Noires Pensées, Mains Fermes in 2008.
Since 2012, he has been collaborating with Maguy Marin as a director, first for the film nocturnes, a cinematographic adaptation of the eponymous play, and then as a performer, for the creation of the solo Singspiele. He creates Juan in 2015, Hamlet-Machine in 2016 in collaboration with the Cie Scènes. He is also one of the authors of passion(s) and Nuaj Live Tribute, laboratories of RAMDAM, AN ART CENTER.
David Mambouch collaborates with Pierre Pontvianne for the creation of Mass in 2018, a piece for which he writes and performs the text S/A/R/A/B/A/N/D/E. He directed the documentary Maguy Marin, Time to Act, released in 2019, as well as May B, a film adaptation of the eponymous’ play, released in 2021.
2019: Maguy Marin, Time to Act
2019: Janet on the Roof
2021: May B