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OKAY! (The ASD Band Film)

Quebec Premiere

OKAY! (The ASD Band Film)

Mark Bone

Canada | 2022 | 1 h 26 min
English |
Subtitles: English
Best Canadian Film Prize, FIFA 2023

Rawan, Jackson, Spenser, and Ron are the four members of The ASD Band. Although they are all passionate about music, they also have something else in common: they are autistic. Bursting with enthusiasm and creativity, they will introduce you to life on the autism spectrum. From recording their debut album to producing their first-ever live performance, these young men are breaking down prejudices and demonstrating that despite the individual challenges they may face, together, anything is possible.
Other festivals:
Hot Docs, Canada
Doc Edge, New Zealand
Fin Atlantic, Canada
Cinefest, Canada
Edmonton International, Canada
Director Mark Bone, Mark Bone
Director of Photography Chris Romeike
Production Greg Rosati
Executive Production David Bodanis, Andrew Simon, Tamara Sulliman
Editing Eva Dubovoy
Sound Recording Aaron McCourt
Colorization Andrew Exworth
Music Jackson Begley, Maury LaFoy, Tim Mann, Spenser Murray, Rawan Tuffaha, Ron Adea
Concept Andrew Simon

In Partnership with

Pop Montréal


• Théâtre Outremont
Wednesday, march 22, 2023, 05:30 p.m. — 07:30 p.m.


Mark Bone

Mark Bone

Mark Bone is a passionate, award winning, documentary director based in Toronto, Canada. He has directed numerous documentaries, including 58 HOURS,’ which chronicles the heroic rescue of Jessica McClure the fallout from that event; Rescate,’ which chronicles the heroics of volunteer paramedics in the Dominican Republic; No Country is an Island,’ a first-hand look at the tragic Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka; and Battleground’ which was awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team

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Théâtre Outremont

Wednesday, march 22, 2023, 05:30 p.m.

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