L E   F I F A
L E   F I F A
Scored by Time

Scored by Time

Nicola Hawkins

Canada | 2022 | 9 min
Jouer Trailer
Canadian ballerina Evelyn Hart interprets a displaced older woman in war-torn 19th-century Europe. She struggles to pull an upright piano, bound with rope, through the abandoned belongings of her fellow migrants. She is fleeing the cruelty of the social order and the haunting memories of her dead daughter. After violently battling the ghosts of her past, she arrives at the edge of death. Only then does she find the path to reconcile her grief.
Also presented:
41st International Festival of Films on Art, Canada (2023)
Director Nicola Hawkins
Script Nicola Hawkins, Andrew Perlis
Director of Photography Duncan De Young
Content Production Nicola Hawkins
Make Up Artist Sarah Gerbig
Sound editing Leonie Wagner
Camera Herb Gibbons
Colorization Aaron Elliott
Cast Evelyn Hart
Sound Design Dennis Patterson
Manager Andrew Perlis
Music Nancy Dahn, Timothy Steeves

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Nicola Hawkins

Nicola Hawkins

Nicola Hawkins continues to integrate visual art’s many dimensions. She trained as a painter and choreographer in her native England and went on to found the acclaimed Nicola Hawkins Dance Company (19932005) in Boston, USA. In 2006, Nicola moved to rural Newfoundland and shortly after The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery presented a solo exhibition of her mixed media work. In 2019, Nicola was commissioned to choreograph and direct her first film. In 2022, she directed Solace, four videos featuring Canada’s celebrated classical musicians Duo Concertante. Scored by Time, her latest film, features the legendary ballet dancer Evelyn Hart in a dramatic role.

Biographical notes provided by the film production team
Circle of Truth (2022)

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